Monday, December 10, 2012

New 64-bit MOTU Digital Performer 8 Software for Mac and PC

Indulge your creativity, then perfect your mix. 
All in a singular workflow...

Left brain, right brain. Digital Performer 8 is designed equally for both, with insiprational features devised to ignite your creative muse, combined with state-of-the-art studio production technologies engineered for the most demanding, world-class recording and production environments. Make no mistake: beneath Digital Performer’s inspired user interface lies a refined audio recording and mixing engine with uncompromising devotion to the absolute highest standards in audio quality, down to the very last sample.

64-bit support

Enjoy 64-bit or 32-bit operation

Today’s plug-ins and virtual instruments are incredibly powerful, but they also require massive amounts of memory. Digital Performer’s 64-bit support ensures that you can take full advantage of all the memory space in your computer for optimum performance from your MOTU desktop studio.

Windows 7 support

Award-winning design and features for Windows

Version 8 brings Digital Performer’s award-winning design and features to Windows 7 and beyond. Operation is almost identical to the Mac version, making it easy to work on either platform.

17 new effects plug-ins

From creative musical effects to precision mastering

From meticulously modeled guitar tones to world-class mastering processors, Digital Performer’s 17 new plug-ins add to an astonishing array of over 80 included effects. You get everything from modeled analog EQ to stunningly realistic convolution reverb.

15 new themes

Artistically crafted UI designs to titillate your muse

Other audio sequencer applications give you shades of gray. Digital Performer gives you dozens of artistically crafted user interface themes that completely transform the look of the app. From the whimsical “Hi Fi” to the sinister “None More Black”, you can instantly choose a style that fits your mood.

Punch Guard™ confidence recording

Take the stress out of punch-ins

Never again worry about accidentally cutting off the head or tail of that perfect record pass. Digital Performer’s new Punch Guard features always captures extra time before and after punch points, so you can simply uncover any additional material with a simple edge edit.

100% Cocoa UI for Mac OS X

Goodbye Carbon, Hello Cocoa

Many of the third-party plug-ins you’ll use everyday with Digital Performer are in the process of being converted from Carbon to Mac OS X’s ultra-modern Cocoa UI platform, and Digital Performer is 100% ready to host them. Cocoa is the future, and Digital Performer is there.

New video playback engine

Audio for picture as it’s meant to be

Enjoy full-screen viewing of 720 or 1080 HD video clips on a primary or secondary computer monitor, or on a conventional HDMI or SDI video monitor connected to a MOTU video interface like the HD Express or HDX-SDI.

In-line control panel

Conserve precious screen real estate

You can now embed the control panel in the consolidated window to conserve screen space. Customize what appears, including the shortcut buttons and editor tools. Pop it in or out at any time.

Plug-in management

Organize and manage all your plug-ins

Version 8’s new plug-in chooser lets you organize and quickly find the effect or preset you are looking for. You can also organize all your plug-ins, factory and third-party alike, just the way you prefer, regardless of format.

Rewire and VST plug-in support

Run third-party VSTs and Rewire clients

With support for VST plug-ins and Rewire on both Mac and Windows, you can easily move DP projects from one platform to the other seamlessly, with no additional steps required. Just open the project and go.

Dynamic Equalizer

Precise control of frequency,
volume and dynamics

Dynamic Equalizer combines multi-band EQ with dynamics processing and volume control. Three parametric bands and two shelving bands each provide both volume control and a full-featured compressor, complete with lookahead that can be set to different values for each frequency band. Use the realtime FFT display and solo each band as you perfect the balance and dynamic response across the frequency spectrum. The result? Clarity, balance, and punch, especially for broad-band audio material, such as a drum set or full mix.

Precision Delay

Correct delay and phasing issues with one click

Precision Delay's unique, breakthrough design helps you phase-align complex signals. For example, if you record a guitar amp or an acoustic instrument from two different mics placed at different distances, the time delay between them will likely cause phase issues that make the two channels sound hollow or affected by a comb-filter-like rasp when played together. The solution? Feed both signals into Precison Delay and click the ALIGN button. Precision Delay performs complex, real-time analysis on the signals to determine phase similarities, then instantly aligns the signals with sub-sample precision. You can further adjust the alignment manually to find the "sweet spot" to your ears.

Spatial Maximizer

Mid-side processing for vinyl mastering and beyond

Spatial Maximizer takes a stereo signal and gives you independent control over center (mid) content versus the panned (side) content. Applications go way beyond prepping final mixes for vinyl mastering with side band high-pass filtering and mid band bass enhancement. Each band can be independently processed with a full-featured, five-band dynamic equalizer, allowing you to mould and shape any stereo track or mix. Enjoy dramatic levels of control over the stereo spectrum and spatial impression of a complete stereo mix, or individual tracks within a stereo mix.


Precise removal of unwanted frequencies

De-essing is the process of removing unwanted sibilance from a vocal track. Based on a dynamic peaking EQ for adaptive de-essing, Digital Performer's De-Esser lets you quickly zero in on the offending frequencies and surgically reduce them. Work graphically with adjustable sensitivity and look-ahead, which effectively anticipates fast sibilance. De-Esser can also be useful for selectively gating narrow-band noise and smoothing high-gain guitar tracks in the 2k to 4k band.


Kick drum enhancer

Shake the walls, or simply add a little oomph to your kick drum track. Subkick produces synthesized sub-bass frequencies, triggered by a kick drum or similar transient-laden, rhythmic audio signal. How low can you go? That's up to you, but if there are plate glass windows around (or other breakables), use with caution! When you watch the Subkick movie, be sure to run the movie soundtrack through beefy speakers, preferably equipped with a decent sub-woofer.


Vintage spring tank reverb

Made popular by that twangy, 1960's surf rock guitar sound, spring reverb adds unmistakable flavor to any instrument or track. Springamabob provides authentic reproduction of three different spring tanks: long double, long triple, and short triple.

Ensemble Chorus

A unique twist
on the chorus effect

Looking like an alien spacecraft console, Ensemble Chorus subtly transforms vocal tracks or instruments into richly chorused multiple voices spread across the stereo soundstage. An ideal companion to ProVerb, it can also be used effectively as a stand-alone processor for thickening up a group of voices, making a guitar swirl, or other chorusing effects. Results range from subtle and refined to drastic and bizarre. With this processor, let your imagination go…